Your Bumper vehicle history report may include...

Bumper reports may include title registration info and over 50 title brand checks to help you make the right decisions when purchasing a vehicle.

Bumper can display all of the standard equipment on available vehicles in one place, saving you time.

Bumper could help you get a full picture of the car’s title history and potentially avoid suspicious tactics.

Bumper analyzes past sales of similar vehicles to provide below, average and above market estimates for vehicles.

Bumper is updated as new information is reported, so you can check and re-check your report as needed to stay up to date.

Bumper may have theft record history when you search by VIN or license plate for added peace of mind.

Bumper reports may be able to provide you with a full sales history and help you confirm the number of owners the seller claims.

Bumper can provide a detailed overview of a vehicle’s NHTSA safety ratings and related safety complaints.

Mobile Apps

Bumper is also available on Android and iOS, helping you stay informed when you're on the move!

Bumper Use Cases

Sell a Car

Know the market value of your vehicle when looking to sell your car.

Buy a Car

Our history reports may help assure your next vehicle has no hidden surprises.

Owning a Car

Monitor your vehicle's market value, and stay up to date with any safety recalls.

The Bumper Advantage

Our database has over 250+ million vehicles, helping to inform you of your next vehicle decision. Search in multiple ways and monitor your car.

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