Jason Unrau is an automotive writer with more than 21 years of auto industry experience, first in auto dealerships for 15 years and then as a writer. Having grown up around cars, the feel of a wrench became familiar for him and before graduating from high school, he had rebuilt engines and carburetors on personal vehicles. After school, Jason entered the workforce at a car dealership and worked his way through several positions in both sales and service.

Jason has in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry at the dealership level along with repair information. Now, as a full-time writer, he writes engaging content in all different aspects of the automotive industry.


Unleaded Gas: Everything You Need to Know

You'll find unleaded gas at every pump in America, but what does unleaded mean? Learn about unleaded gas and the difference between regular versus premium gas.

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Common Car Fluid Colors Everyone Should Know

Learn the colors of brake fluid, power steering fluid and other common car fluids so you know what to do next time you spot a leak.

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What Happens if You Put Sugar in a Gas Tank?

Sugar in your gas tank is not good, but how bad is it? Learn what happens when you put sugar in a gas tank and what to do if you suspect it's happened to you.

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What Happens if You Don't Get an Oil Change?

Oil is essential for a functioning car. Read on to learn why clean oil is important and what happens when you don't get an oil change.

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