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Bumper was built to make car buying easier. When you run a search on Bumper, we search through millions of data points in an effort to provide the most accurate information for your vehicle.

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Sales listings

When running a VIN lookup or license plate search, Bumper may be able to provide a full sales history for the vehicle. Not only will this give you a better idea of its value, but it can also help confirm that the car had the number of owners that the current seller claims.

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Theft records

Purchasing a stolen vehicle could be a huge headache at best, and potentially lead to legal consequences at worst. Even if a car was reported stolen in the past but the issue was resolved, the history potentially provided by a VIN or license plate search for a vehicle may provide peace of mind.

Salvage listings

Most buyers would think twice before committing to a vehicle with a salvage or otherwise branded title. However, unscrupulous sellers may engage in something called title washing, where they sell a car with a branded title in a different state that doesn't recognize that particular title brand. But with a VIN or license plate search for the vehicle, you may be able to get a full picture of the car's title history and potentially avoid these tactics.

Detailed vehicle Detailed vehicle


A clear accident history doesn't necessarily mean a car is safe. Bumper's recall check can list the equipment being recalled, the date of the report, a summary of the issue, the safety risk and the recommended remedy. Note that some recalls may have already been resolved by the owner or not applicable to a given VIN.

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Market value

Getting a fair deal is one of the biggest concerns when buying or selling a car. Bumper's car market value tool analyzes past sales of similar vehicles to provide below, average and above market estimates for your vehicle. Our side-by-side car comparison tool and Chrome Plugin can also help you research your next vehicle.

Vehicle safety

For most drivers, safety is one of their top priorities. Bumper can provide a detailed overview of a vehicle's NHTSA safety ratings to help you decide if it meets your needs. We can also provide the details of safety complaints for the vehicle submitted by consumers to the NHTSA.

Vehicle safety
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Specifications and equipment

Can't remember if the car you're interested in comes standard with a sunroof or blind spot detection? A make and model search can display all of the standard equipment in one place, saving you the hassle of chasing down manufacturer specs and reviews. Drill deeper with our license plate search or  VIN decoder and you may even be able to tell if a particular vehicle is missing key standard equipment.

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