As compact and race-ready as an Austin Mini Mk1 Cooper Works; don’t be fooled by her small stature. Miranda packs a serious drive, and a fair amount of ambitious horsepower, beneath her bespectacled grille.

Miranda’s worked as an in-house editor and writer for publications such as (where she was head of the Car Channel), as well as She’s hosted video car reviews (though not willingly and with many outtakes and bloopers that you often get to see at the end of each review) for Auto123.TV and and most recently The Suburban On Air Driving with Miranda. Her name’s appeared in print too for the Montreal Gazette, RDK Magazine, The Suburban, and even a few bridal publications (wedding transportation people!) to name a few. Her nasal voice has been known to grace the airwaves on CBC radio as well for local drive-time shows.

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