Randsom Rockliffe is a former reporter and content strategist, now product manager and editor at Bumper. Randsom has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and a Master of Science in Technical Communication, both completed at ASU. Randsom’s thesis analyzed the content types and genres automotive audiences engage with when searching for auto industry information. Randsom’s journalism has been published and syndicated by USA Today and The Arizona Republic/azcentral.com, and Randsom’s expert automotive content has been used by Tire Rack, Discount Tire/America’s Tire, OTTO Car Club, and more. He is an SCCA member and has hands-on mechanical and organized racing/high performance driving experience with various Ford Mustangs, Ford Panther sedans, BMW M cars, MINI, Tesla, and Aston Martin performance vehicles, and mechanical/trail experience with Ford Bronco, Toyota 4Runner, and Land Rover platforms.

RECENT ARTICLES BY Randsom Rockliffe

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