Steve’s first car had pedals, and he’s been filled with passion for four wheels ever since. Steve lives and breathes the auto industry as a technologist, futurist, and writer while keeping up with the whys, hows, and plans of the automotive industry. His automotive journey began with a fully restored Triumph TR3b that he sadly never appreciated until decades later. Ownership of X-1/9’s, BMW’s, an SVT and a Dodge Ram Hemi have given way to an Audi Sport.


How to Get Your Car Out of Impound for Free

Learn how to get your car out of impound without paying, or at least how to get impound fees reduced when your car gets towed and you have no money.

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How Long Does a Transmission Last?

Wondering how long transmissions last? Find out why transmissions break down and how to get the most out of your automatic or manual transmission.

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What Does a Transfer Case Do?

A transfer case makes 4WD possible. Learn how a transfer case works and how to maintain yours so you're always ready to go offroad.

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What to Do if Your Car Battery Dies

Oh no, your car battery died. Learn what to do when your car battery dies so you can get back on the road safely and quickly.

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