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Curious about a vehicle with a Minnesota license plate number? Search it here to explore history, specs, and more!

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Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

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If you’re interested in learning more about a Minnesota-registered vehicle, we could provide you with a detailed report. When you use Bumper, our database pulls info from public and private third party sources, so we can provide vehicle history reports, vehicle market value, title checks, recall checks and other helpful info and perks—whether you’re buying, selling, or maintaining a vehicle.

Try a Bumper subscription to get access to 50 Minnesota license plate reports a month!

What goes into our Minnesota license plate search?

Our license plate search is different because we utilize a massive database of public records provided by the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), NMVTIS and third-party sources, including J.D. Power.

With a population of 5.7 million as of 2021, residents of Minnesota are no strangers to commuting. Whether you’re driving a little red Corvette in and around the Twin Cities, making your way through Fargo or driving through Duluth, our MN license plate lookup can help you find the vehicle info you may need—including available accident history and vehicle specs.

Minnesota license plate lookup
Minnesota license plate lookup

While it’s known for an abundance of lakes (it’s called the Land of 10,000 Lakes for a reason), Minnesota also has an abundance of drivers and vehicles on its roadways. Luckily, our MN license plate lookup covers the entire North Star State, including the top 10 metro areas of Minnesota by population (2021):

  1. Minneapolis - St. Paul - Bloomington: 3.6 million
  2. Duluth: 275,536
  3. Rochester: 223,974
  4. St. Cloud: 200,360
  5. Mankato: 101,647
  6. Brainerd: 93,846
  7. Faribault - Northfield: 65,180
  8. Willmar: 50,245
  9. Hutchinson: 36,835
  10. Alexandria: 36,009

Wherever you are in MN, we can help you research the Minnesota vehicle you’re after.

What information can you find with a Minnesota license plate lookup?

Our license plate search for a vehicle registered in Minnesota can provide you with important info, which may include:

  • Past ownership
  • Liens on the vehicle
  • Salvage and other branded titles
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Equipment and trim specifications
  • Sales history
  • Market value
  • Estimated ownership costs
  • Accident history

With a Bumper subscription, you can get detailed reports on Minnesota vehicles’ histories. This can be a powerful tool for helping you determine the best moves to make when buying or selling your vehicle.

We can also help you check the local market value of a Minnesota-based vehicle.

How can an MN license plate search help you?

The output of our Minnesota license plate search can provide you with valuable information to help make car buying, selling and ownership easy and simple.

From knowing a vehicle’s background to mitigating ownership costs of your current vehicle, a Bumper license plate search should be your first move. Our MN license plate lookup can give you access to a wealth of vehicle data, including available accident history, title status, and even lien status. Plus, we’re always adding automotive-related features and perks to our subscription to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Performing a license plate lookup in Minnesota for a used vehicle may also be helpful because it can return information on vehicles impacted by lemon laws and title issues due to Minnesota’s extreme weather that can negatively impact a vehicle’s value, including flooding, tornadoes, hail damage and more.

Aside from our detailed vehicle history reports, we can also help you compare vehicles side by side and even calculate your vehicle’s depreciation. Whether you’re buying or selling, if you want to get the best deal for your ride in Minnesota, start with Bumper.

And if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, we can help you there too. Check out our vehicle marketplace of vehicles in Minnesota!

Why use Bumper’s Minnesota license plate search?

From Ortonville to Minneapolis and even to Duluth, our Minnesota license plate lookup can help you with car buying, selling and ownership in the Gopher State.

At Bumper, we aggregate our data in a neatly organized online dashboard, which is also available on iOS and Google mobile apps, and in an easy-to-download PDF form.

Rather than slogging through various databases, paying for a lot of the exact same information from a more expensive competitor or getting wrapped up in bureaucratic red tape with your local government’s public record office, you can subscribe to Bumper, where you can get robust vehicle reports right at your fingertips.

Do you need front and rear plates in Minnesota?

Yes you need front and rear license plates in Minnesota, although there may be some exceptions for motorcycles and classic cars.

Most states require dual license plates because it makes it easier for law enforcement and motorists to identify other vehicles on the road, but we can also help you look up info about a vehicle from any neighboring state to Minnesota, including Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan, and more!

While license plates are easier to spot, if you already have a Minnesota car’s VIN, we can also help you do a VIN search!

MN license plate search
MN license plate search
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