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Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

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With access to multiple third party and government data sources, we can provide you with access to a range of data, potentially including vehicle history reports, title checks, depreciation calculations and more. We can help you maintain your vehicles, whether you’re buying, selling or keeping your Virginia-based ride.

Get up to 50 Virginia license plate vehicle history reports a month with a Bumper subscription!

What makes our Virginia license plate search stand out?

Our Virginia license plate lookup tool utilizes a massive database of public records provided by Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), NMVTIS, NHTSA and other third-party data sources like J.D. Power.

Whether you spotted a vehicle you like on Route 17 or you’re buying a vehicle in Roanoke, our Virginia license plate lookup is a great first step if you’re interested in a VA vehicle. Our robust vehicle reports may help you find priceless vehicle info, including available accident history and vehicle specs.

One of the original 13 colonies, Virginia is well-known for its historic sites, from Jamestown to Mount Vernon. It’s also home to must-see natural attractions, including the Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah National Park and the Chesapeake Bay. It’s no wonder more than 8.6 million people call Virginia home.

license plate lookup Virginia
license plate lookup Virginia

And with urban hotspots like Richmand in VA and DC just outside Fairfax, it’s no surprise that Virginia’s roads are filled to bursting. Luckily, our VA license plate search covers the entire Commonwealth of Virginia and is particularly helpful in VA’s top 10 metro areas by population (2021):

  1. Washington - Arlington - Alexandria: 6.3 million
  2. Virginia Beach - Norfolk - Newport News: 1.7 million
  3. Richmond: 1.3 million
  4. Roanoke: 317,983
  5. Lynchburg: 263,183
  6. Blacksburg - Christiansburg - Radford: 183,941
  7. Charlottesville: 151,885
  8. Harrisonburg: 136,566
  9. Staunton - Waynesboro: 133,170
  10. Winchester: 109,576

No matter where you live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, our vehicle history database may have the info you want when researching Virginia vehicles. From keeping ownership costs low or increasing your profits on a sale to securing the best deal on a purchase, our Virginia license plates lookup could be a key difference maker.

What information can you find with a Virginia license plate search?

With Bumper, our VA license plate lookup can help you access extensive vehicle reports loaded with high-value vehicle data, potentially including:

  • Sales history
  • Market value
  • Past ownership
  • Accident history
  • Liens on the vehicle
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Estimated ownership costs
  • Salvage and other branded titles
  • Equipment and trim specifications

Whether you’re keeping your vehicle, buying a new one or selling your Virginia vehicle, our license plate searches can be invaluable. We can also help you check the estimated market value of your Virginia-based ride!

How can a Virginia license plate lookup help you?

While the roads of vehicle ownership are often complex, our Virginia license plate lookup can provide you with critical data to try and help you stay on the straight and narrow. When you want to conquer the challenges of buying, selling, or keeping your VA-based vehicle, we can help.

Say you’re a car buyer in Newport News and you want to negotiate the best deal possible. We can help you research VA-registered vehicles to try and find valuable information, including its available accident history, salvaged titles, flood damage and liens. Our license plate searches can even highlight vehicles impacted by open recalls, Virginia’s lemon laws, and damage caused by VA’s often harsh weather, including the tropical storms and hurricanes that blow in off the Atlantic. Issues such as these can really dent a prospective vehicle’s value!

Or perhaps you’re a vehicle seller in Richmond, and you want to score a quick sale. Type in your Virginia vehicle’s license plate number, and we can help you check the estimated value of your vehicle in VA. Then, you can set a reasonable asking price which may help sell your ride ASAP. 

Trying to decide between multiple vehicles? We can help you compare them side by side so you get the ride that’s just right for you!And if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, don’t forget to check out our thriving vehicle marketplace!

Why use our Virginia license plate search?

When you use our Bumper Virginia license plate lookup, we compile the data you may need to know about specific Virginia vehicles—all in one online dashboard, iOS and Google mobile apps, and downloadable PDF form.

Rather than spending more on a competitor or getting bogged down in requests to Virginia public records sources, you can subscribe to Bumper. Our vehicle reports are robust and intuitive, so you can gather the info you may need which could help you feel more confident in managing your vehicles.

From Monticello to Norfolk, no matter where you reside in VA, our comprehensive vehicle reports could help you with your vehicle journey. Whether you’re buying a new vehicle, selling an old ride or trying to keep ownership costs low, our reports may help give you all the assurance you need, and can even help you find the specs on a vehicle you’re interested in.

Do you need front and rear license plates in Virginia?

Yes, front and rear plates are required in Virginia, although there may be exceptions for some vehicles, including motorcycles, tractors and trailers. We offer license plate lookup info for vehicles in every state, including nearby MarylandNorth Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and even New York!

While some states only require a rear license plate, most states require dual plates, and that includes VA. The presence of front and rear license plates makes it easier for law enforcement to identify vehicles on the road. It’s also a big assist for motorists who need to identify vehicles in case of any insurance liability issues.

Front and rear plates also make it more convenient to try and find the license plate number of any Virginia-registered vehicle you might be interested in learning more about. 

That said, if you already have a Virginia vehicle’s identification number, or VIN, we can help you run a VIN lookup!

According to the Federal Highway Administration’s 2021 data, there are over 7 million vehicles registered in Virginia, from buses and motorcycles to medium and heavy duty trucks—all with a VA license plate.

It’s also noteworthy that according to the Department of Energy, there are more than 30,000 electric vehicles in Virginia!

VA license plate search
VA license plate search
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