Top 10 Used SUV Deals in February 2024

Top 10 Used SUV Deals in February 2024

Looking to snag a sweet deal on a set of pre-loved wheels this February? Our crack research team at has trawled through our vast ocean of 40 million+ vehicles to reel in the top 10 used SUV catches you should consider adding to your garage. Hang onto your seats as we navigate through the top trends in the used SUV marketplace and reveal which models are making waves with their price changes, mileage, and more!

1. Buick Rendezvous: The affordable pathfinder

With an average price today of just $4,560.93, the Buick Rendezvous claims the top spot as the most budget-friendly navigator. Despite being nearly 19 years old on average, it’s still desirable, showing a year-over-year price depreciation of -13.51%. With 146 vehicles available on the market today, it seems the Rendezvous isn’t quite ready to retire from its road-tripping duties just yet.

2. Tesla Model X: The luxe electrifier takes a dip

The Tesla Model X might shock you with its steep average price decline over the year, clocking in at -32.00%. However, this premium electric trailblazer remains in high demand among tech-savvy motorists, with an average price of $49,182.15. 

3. Land Rover Discovery: The sophisticated explorer’s sweet spot

This elegant SUV experienced a -22.64 % change in average price over the year. With a presence of 515 vehicles on the market today and an average price of $30,674.77, it strikes a balance between luxury and affordability, attracting those who seek comfort in both urban jungles and rugged terrains.

4. Chrysler PT Cruiser: The retro cruiser’s curious comeback

Here’s a plot twist: the Chrysler PT Cruiser, with its vintage charm, has shown an intriguing average price increase of 8.96% over the last 30 days. It’s an anomaly in a sea of depreciating assets, sporting an average price tag of $5,200.87. With 322 vehicles on the market, the PT Cruiser is cruising back for nostalgia.

5. Audi e-tron: The eco-friendly challenger’s price plunge

The Audi e-tron, an electric luxury on the prowl, has seen a steep average price fall of -38.34% over the past year, the most significant drop among our top 10. Now averaging $36,531.94, with 311 vehicles on the market, the e-tron might just be the go-to SUV for buyers looking to jump on the electric bandwagon without breaking the bank.

Top 10 used SUV deals

Here’s a top 10 SUV deals list with a quick analysis and comparison among the vehicles, including their key stats:

1. Buick Rendezvous

The Buick Rendezvous leads as an affordable option with notable depreciation over the year. Its appeal lies in its balance between price and age, catering to budget-conscious consumers looking for older models with considerable space.

  •      Average Price Today: $4,560.93
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -13.51%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 18.99 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 143,539.23
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 3,460

2. Tesla Model X

Despite a significant year-over-year price drop, the Model X maintains its value better than most luxury SUVs considering it comes loaded with cutting-edge technology and great performance in the electric SUV market.

  •      Average Price Today: $49,182.15
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -32.00%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 5.14 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 40,352.03
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 15,993

3. Land Rover Discovery

It blends luxury with off-road capability. The price reflects its premium features and brand, but with a considerable yearly depreciation.

  •      Average Price Today: $30,674.77
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -22.64%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 6.26 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 49,692.51
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 9,328

4. Tesla Model Y

Another Tesla, the Model Y, is at the top due to its popularity and value retention, even with a significant price drop in the last year. With its recent entry into the market, it’s a newer model on average compared to others in the top 10.

  •      Average Price Today: $38,252.81
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -30.75%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 2.89 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 23,454.82
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 25,635

5. Jaguar E-Pace

The Jaguar E-Pace offers a blend of luxury and performance, with a decrease in value over the year. It’s relatively new, with lower mileage compared to older models on this list.

  •      Average Price Today: $27,865.14
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -17.04%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 4.58 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 32,137.58
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 3,971

6. Land Rover Discovery Sport

A more affordable option within the Land Rover lineup, yet still reflecting the brand’s premium nature, the Discovery Sport shows a less steep depreciation over the year.

  •      Average Price Today: $23,512.57
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -19.43%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 5.47 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 45,567.5
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 18,529

7. Chrysler PT Cruiser

Unique on this list for its positive price movement over the last 30 days, the PT Cruiser remains a budget-friendly choice with significant mileage but holds its value amidst newer and more premium models.

  •      Average Price Today: $5,200.87
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -3.63%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 18.47 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 109,293.75
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 7,390

8. Audi e-tron

Showcasing how electric vehicles outside of Tesla are performing, the e-tron sees the largest year-over-year price drop. It presents a luxurious and eco-friendly option with relatively low mileage.

  •      Average Price Today: $36,531.94
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -38.34%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 3.58 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 20,939.12
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 6,899

9. Maserati Levante

This is a luxury performance SUV that combines Maserati’s sporty styling with practicality. The Levante has seen a significant price dip over the past year, yet it remains one of the pricier options on the list.

  •      Average Price Today: $44,757.56
  •      Average Price Change YoY: -22.41%
  •      Age of Vehicle: 4.38 years
  •      Average Odometer Reading: 27,535.77
  •      Number of Vehicles on the Market: 6,835

10. Land Rover Range Rover

As a symbol of luxury and status, the Range Rover experiences a slower depreciation rate than its sibling, the Discovery. Its higher price point, despite the older average age, reflects its premium position and enduring appeal.

  •       Average Price Today: $49,474.43
  •       Average Price Change YoY: -16.91%
  •       Age of Vehicle: 6.92 years
  •       Average Odometer Reading: 56,315.15
  •       Number of Vehicles on the Market: 32,155

Note: All data is based on’s marketplace statistics.

Each SUV on this list offers a unique blend of features, ranging from advanced technology and luxury to affordability and sustainability. The trends show a variety of depreciation rates, reflecting differing consumer preferences and the impacts of market dynamics on vehicle valuation.

AI Disclaimer: The images presented here were created using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. While we strive for accuracy, they are artistic representations and may not depict exact or true-to-life details. We do not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, or completeness of any information in these images. For accurate and detailed representations, we recommend consulting the vehicle manufacturer directly.

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