Andy Jensen is a former reporter, now automotive enthusiast writer. He covers industry news, manufacturing, car reviews, race recaps, maintenance how-tos, and upgrades. His project car is a modified Scion FR-S, but he’s probably looking at $400 beaters on Marketplace right now.


What Is a Misfire?

An engine misfire can be scary and potentially harmful to your car. Read on to learn how to fix a misfire and keep your engine healthy.

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5 Signs of a Bad Spark Plug

Knowing what a bad spark plug looks like could save you time and money. Learn how to spot a bad spark plug before it becomes a bigger problem.

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How to Make Your Car AC Colder

Learn how to make car AC super cold and keep your air conditioner in good shape before summer comes.

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What Does ABS Stand for?

Learn what ABS means, how anti-lock brakes work and what to do if you see your ABS light come on.

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