Jerry Renshaw is a veteran journalist, gearhead and guitar player, and cultivated his mechanical skills by 30 years of turning wrenches to keep one piece of junk or another on the road. He’s owned everything from a Chevette to (three) minivans to a fire-breathing Dodge muscle truck, and is constantly keeping up to speed on what’s going on in the automotive world.


Do Electric Cars Need Oil?

Electric vehicles may not use oil like gas-powered cars, but EVs and traditional cars do share some important car maintenance best practices—learn about them here.

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Everything to Know About Your Car's Engine Block

Your car doesn't run without an engine block. Learn what the engine block is, what it does, where it is and more important tips.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Engine Air Filter?

Knowing how often to change the air filter in a vehicle is vital for engine performance. Read on to get tips for replacing your engine air filter.

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What Is a Rebuilt Car Title?

Is it safe to own a car with a rebuilt title? It could mean trouble, or it could be a great deal. Read on to learn how to know.

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