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Want to learn more about vehicles in the Garden State? It’s easy! Punch in a New Jersey license plate number and search!

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Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

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With just a New Jersey license plate number, our license plate lookup could help you get access to vehicle history reports, title checks, vehicle market value, depreciation calculations and more. Our New Jersey license plate search leverages multiple government and third-party data sources that can provide you with rich info on vehicles with New Jersey license plates. Subscribe to Bumper for 50 license plate reports a month!

Subscribe to Bumper for 50 license plate reports a month!

What makes our New Jersey license plate search different?

Our NJ license plate search tool utilizes a massive database of public records provided by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC), NMVTIS, NHTSA and other third-party data sources like J.D. Power. Using our online search tool to run a New Jersey license plate lookup allows you to simply enter a vehicle plate number to receive available summarized info about a vehicle you’re interested in.

From the boardwalk on the Shore to the capital city of Trenton to the Skylands and greater NYC area, if you see a New Jersey-registered vehicle you’re interested in, our NJ license plate lookup could provide you with the info you need.

New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state by landmass, but with a booming population of 9.3 million residents as of 2021, it’s the most densely populated state in the US. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that there are a ton of vehicles cruising the Garden State Parkway. Luckily, no matter where you live in New Jersey we can help you find the vehicle data you may be looking for. It’s kind of like a background search specific to New Jersey vehicles!

license plate lookup New Jersey
license plate lookup New Jersey

Our NJ license plate search is good for the entire Garden State and can be especially useful in the top 10 metro areas of New Jersey by population (2021):

  1. New York - Newark - Jersey City: 19.2 million
  2. Philadelphia - Camden - Wilmington: 6.15 million
  3. Allentown - Bethlehem - Easton: 840,062
  4. Trenton: 373,362
  5. Atlantic City - Hammonton: 269,847
  6. Vineland - Bridgeton: 150,972
  7. Newark: 140,949
  8. Middlesex - Somerset - Hunterdon: 108,107
  9. Bergen - Hudson - Passaic: 98,753
  10. Ocean City: 93,553

As you can see, if you’re researching a New Jersey vehicle, we may have the information you need. We can help you out whether you’re buying, selling or just trying to efficiently maintain your NJ-registered vehicle.

What information can you find with a New Jersey license plate search?

When you perform a Bumper NJ license plate search, you can get access to a wide array of vehicle-specific data, which may include:

  • Sales history
  • Market value
  • Past ownership
  • Accident history
  • Liens on the vehicle
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Estimated ownership costs
  • Salvage and other branded titles
  • Equipment and trim specifications

If you’re struggling to determine the best course of action with your New Jersey-registered vehicle, our NJ license plate searches may be the difference maker. Our vehicle reports can provide you with the info you may need to know to help get the results you want when buying or selling your vehicle.

Curious what your Jersey vehicle might be worth? We can help you get an estimate of your vehicle’s value specific to where you are in New Jersey.

Want to know what your vehicle may be worth?

How can our NJ license plate lookup help you?

A New Jersey license plate search can provide you with vital info to help you get the most out of your vehicle ownership journey.

Whether you’re a car buyer trying to negotiate the best deal or a seller wanting to maximize your profits, our NJ license plate search is the place to start. Our vehicle reports can provide you with a slew of vehicle data, including available accident history, lien status and more—all you may need to know to get a fair deal. Bumper subscribers also report that our estimated market values are extremely helpful for setting reasonable vehicle asking prices.

Running a license plate search can be especially beneficial in order to show vehicles impacted by New Jersey’s lemon laws. Our Bumper vehicle reports can also reveal title issues caused by flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms and other extreme New Jersey weather experiences, all of which can literally put a dent in a vehicle and its value.

We can also help you compare vehicles side by side, if you’re interested in exploring a few different options. And if you’re in the market for an upgrade to your current ride, we’ve got a thriving vehicle marketplace of private sellers and dealerships across New Jersey!

Why use our New Jersey license plate search?

Wheter you’re commuting in Jersey City or gamboling about Atlantic City, Bumper can help you through the challenges of vehicle research. Use our New Jersey license plate lookup, and we’ll compile info you may need to know about a particular vehicle—all in one convenient dashboard online, on your mobile devices via our iOS and Google mobile apps, and in downloadable PDF format.

From getting the details on a vehicle that may seem too good to be true or the potential best price on a new or used vehicle, we have the government and third party data to help you feel confident when researching a vehicle.

Do you need front and rear license plates in New Jersey?

Yes, you’re required to have front and rear plates on your New Jersey vehicle. Dual license plates are common in many states because it makes it easier for law enforcement to identify vehicles on the road. It’s also easier for motorists to identify vehicles in case of insurance liability needs. Another perk: front and rear plates also make it more convenient to find the license plate number of any New Jersey-registered vehicle you’re hoping to research.

We can also help you perform license plate lookups no matter what state you reside in. From nearby DelawareNew York, MarylandPennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts to all the way across the country to California!

How many vehicles are registered in New Jersey?

According to the Federal Highway Administration’s latest update in 2021, there are over 6 million vehicles registered in New Jersey (including buses, motorcycles, and medium and heavy duty trucks that have an NJ license plate). Interestingly, according to there are over 80,000 electric vehicles registered in New Jersey as of June 2022, and according to the US Census Bureau, 11.3 percent of New Jersey homes do not have a vehicle!

Have a New Jersey vehicle’s identification number handy? We can also help you run a VIN lookup on an NJ-registered vehicle!

NJ license plate search
NJ license plate search
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