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Want to learn more about a Pennsylvania-registered vehicle? Run a PA license plate search to explore a vehicle’s history, specs, and more!

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Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

Approved NMVTIS Data Provider

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Bumper’s database can help you access a wide range of vehicle info, including vehicle history reports, vehicle market value, title checks and recall checks. From buying and selling to mitigating the cost of owning your current Pennsylvania vehicle, we can provide you with information that may help you get the most out of your ride.

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What makes our Pennsylvania license plate search different?

Our license plate search pulls in public records provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Driver & Vehicle Services Department, NHTSA, NMVTIS, and third-party sources like J.D. Power.

Whether you’re driving in and around Philadelphia, commuting in Pittsburgh or vacationing in Hershey, if you have a PA license plate number, it’s likely we can help you find the vehicle info you’re after.

With several major urban centers and a booming population of more than 13 million residents as of 2021, Pennsylvania roadways are teeming with vehicles. If you need to learn more about a PA-registered vehicle, our Pennsylvania license plate search can help you out no matter where you live in the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania license plate lookup
Pennsylvania license plate lookup

Our PA license plate lookup covers the entire state, including the top 10 metro areas of Pennsylvania by population (2021):

  1. Philadelphia - Camden - Wilmington: 6 million
  2. Pittsburgh: 2.3 million
  3. Allentown - Bethlehem - Easton: 842,913
  4. Harrisburg - Carlisle: 584,375
  5. Lancaster: 550,694
  6. Scranton - Wilkes - Barre - Hazleton: 534,602
  7. York - Hanover: 452,984
  8. Reading: 424,110
  9. Erie: 259,278
  10. Altoona: 114,432

When you’re researching a vehicle in Pennsylvania, we’ve got access to an arsenal of data to help you make informed decisions whether you’re buying, selling or keeping your ride.

What information can you find with a Pennsylvania license plate search?

A license plate search for a vehicle registered in Pennsylvania can provide you with a host of important information, which may include:

  • Past ownership
  • Sales history
  • Market value
  • Estimated ownership costs
  • Liens on the vehicle
  • Salvage and other branded titles
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Equipment and trim specifications

In addition to the above, we can also tell you what your vehicle may be worth in Pennsylvania!

How can a PA license plate search help you?

Bumper’s Pennsylvania license plate search can grant access to valuable information that helps make car buying, selling, research, and ownership easy and simple.

Whether you’re a buyer wanting to negotiate a better offer or a seller trying to set a reasonable asking price, subscribing to Bumper is a great first move. Our quick PA license plate lookup can provide you with vehicle specs, salvaged titles, lien info and more.

Running a license plate check in Pennsylvania for a used vehicle may also be helpful because it can reveal info on vehicles impacted by Pennsylvania’s lemon laws. Our reports can also show title issues due to flooding damage or the worst of Pennsylvania’s weather, including hail and blizzards, all of which can put a literal dent in a vehicle’s value.

If you’re trying to decide between a few vehicles, we can help you compare vehicles side by side. We can also help you monitor and calculate a vehicle’s depreciation. Whether you’re buying or selling, if you want to get the best deal for your ride in Pennsylvania, you can count on Bumper.

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Why use Bumper’s Pennsylvania license plate search?

From the Poconos to Pittsburgh, our Pennsylvania license plate lookup can provide you with the information you may need to navigate the complex roads of car buying, selling and ownership in the Keystone State.

There’s no need to sift through multiple public sources, rely on more expensive competitors or get stuck in bureaucratic red tape. Our data is neatly organized in one online dashboard, which is also available on iOS and Google mobile apps, and in an easy-to-download PDF form.

Whether you’re negotiating a better deal and managing the costs of ownership to selling your ride in Pennsylvania, you can count on Bumper. Our PA license plate search results are detailed and growing!

Do you need front and rear plates in Pennsylvania?

No, you’re only required to have a rear license plate in Pennsylvania, although some state-owned vehicles may be required to have a front license plate. Pennsylvania is actually one of 19 states that only require a rear plate.

Interested in learning more about a vehicle with a license plate from a nearby state? Our coverage includes all 50 states, and we can find important info on vehicles from Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, MarylandVirginia, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan and more!

Although Pennsylvania license plates are easier to spot, if you already have a vehicle’s identification number (or VIN), we can help you run a VIN search for even more specific information about a vehicle in PA!

PA license plate search
PA license plate search
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